Kitchen Renovation

Think of the possibilities for your kitchen

The options available to a kitchen renovation are almost limitless and the needs can also be very different. We realize these needs, and can work with you to make better decisions on how to use this important space wisely.

Sometimes, a cabinet refacing may be all you really need, but if you don’t like the structure of your kitchen, the layout, the way the cabinets are setup, the location of your appliances, your plumbing, if you need a new island, a more comprehensive kitchen remodel may be in order.

Our kitchen remodeling technicians get the job done faster and without disrupting your life for months.

Woodridge Construction specializes in:

  • Kitchen design and renovation
  • Hi-tech kitchen options
  • Improved storage solutions
  • Large selection of beautiful finishes

From flooring to the cabinetry layout and installation Woodridge can give you a kitchen to be proud of!

When is a Good Time to do a kitchen renovation?

A good time to do kitchen renovations is when you plan to use it less, like in the Summer when you spend more time out of the house, doing other activities with your family. It is convenient as our Guelph and Cambridge kitchen remodeling team can work and disrupt your life the least. In reality, any time is a good time for a kitchen renovation project. We will work with you to accommodate your schedule and your needs during the remodeling any time of the year.

Invest in your home, a quality kitchen renovation and remodeling from one of the top renovation companies in the region can confidently increase the value of your property and the enjoyment of your home. To discuss your next project or schedule a FREE on-site quote.